Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ready or not...

This weekend we had the whole team together for a last push to get the car ready. We’ve finished work of tracing the power steering leak that caused us problems during the last hour of last spring’s race. We’ve bled the brakes and replaced the rotors and pads. Thanks again to and Hawk Performance Brake Pads for providing the brake hardware. Everything went together perfectly. We’ve finished paining the car and it looks surprisingly good. Maybe too good. I guess the judges will let us know what they think. All we need to do is get our outfits together for tech, get everything and everyone to the track and have some fun.

A number of friends and companies are helping us out with additional gear. IMSA is loaning us two way radios. Chip’s friend Brian is loaning us a truck and trailer. Vin Designs pottery is providing financial support for Brian's ride. Natalie’s folks Lee and Susan and been great hosts for us and the car.

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