Monday, August 17, 2009

You Can Have Any Color You Want... long as it is black.

Progress has been made. Things have happened. Logically, we started with the most important thing for any race car: new paint. Gone is the factory red. It is banished to door sills and the interior. We are now black and white. The car is flat and black hand painted just like the original Model T’s. The white top is intended to represent the old style cloth tops (and to prevent us from roasting).

Other things have happened. Chip found us a sponsor who was willing to look at our alternator. We had charging issues during the last race and they were willing to do some diagnostic work for us. I’ll add their name later. He also got us new sticky gumball tires. We will have to adjust our driving style from “do they still have air in them?” to “take care of the rubber!”

I went up and worked on the car last weekend with Natalie and her dad Lee. Both were a great help (or did I help them?) in getting the bent trailing arm bolt out and getting the new one in. We pounded, we pressed, we ground, we soaked and we pounded some more. It is in now and the rear tire will now where it should.

All we need to do now is get the alternator back in, do the fluids, swap out the brakes (Thanks!), find a second set of tires, do some more painting and off we go.

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