Sunday, August 8, 2010

It's Time to Go Again - Fall 2010

It’s time to pull the Escort out from its resting place, chase the snakes and the mud daubers out from under the fenders and go racing once again. We took a bit of a hiatus to allow for the birth of our daughter Sasha in January, but now we are ready to go have some fun.

From 2010 June Kids

The team is made up of Brian Gialloreto, Rachel Rennick and Michael Rennick begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting. We're the GRR in GRR Sports. We’ve also gotten a ton of help from Chip Lewis and Gil Jackson. Sadly, Chip will not be able to join us for the race as he working a little, Petit if you will, race at Road Atlanta the following weekend. I guess the paying gig takes precedence.

We’ve fixed the mechanical woes that halted our efforts last race. We were eliminated by an accessory drive belt that took out the timing belt and all the sensors on that side of the motor. While replacing the timing belt and sensors we also swapped out the water pump. We were in the area so why not? Aside, from that we are going with the same setup as before. Bone stock Escort LX with Hawk brakes courtesy of our friends at

As with all LeMons races the entrants are encouraged to dress the cars up in a theme. We’re going as NASA Surplus and the car will be decked out like the Space Shuttle. We figured this was appropriate as the shuttles are being retired this year. It really is the best time to buy your surplus million pound thrust solid rocket boosters. The Escort should go pretty well with a couple of those strapped on.

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